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List of Mobile Shops in Malegaon

Aabid Haji Mobile Shop Akkhada Masjid, Islampura

089758 98746
Abk Mobiles & Computers Opp. Maddu Baba Masjid,
Tamba Kanta
090968 83230
Adveet Mobile Accessories Shop No. 2, Shiv Prasad Complex,
College Stop, Malegaon
AM Mobile Sales & Service Masjid Usman Bin Affan,
Gulsher Nagar Main Road, Maldashiwar
 090289 03132
Amaan Mobile Repairing & Accessories Shekari Chowk, Iqbal Dabi,
Near T.M High School
092734 18205
Aqsa Mobile Near Jama Masjid

Arfat Mobile Shop & Repairing Ayesha Nagar

090214 57900
Arslan Mobile Haji Ahmad Pura,
Dayane Shiwar
097627 82762
Atif Mobile Near Jama Masjid

094207 33543
ATM mobile Shop Gulshanabad

090285 13470
Bablu Mobile & Computers Hazar Kholi,
Tipu Sultan Chowk
081492 02179
Chajed Mobile Shop Soygaon Market,
Satana Naka
092705 43555
Chanchal Mobile Shop College Stop

088885 21053
Dhandai Mobile Repairing Chandrangan Apartment,
Camp Road
094035 35252
Dhandai Mobile Repairing And Accessories Shivnari Complex,
Satana Naka
097675 96097
Famous Mobile Point Opp. Apsara Lodge,
Shaheed Abdul Hameed Road
098235 84944
Fine Touch Ansar Rd, Somwar Ward,
090281 01401
Galib Mobile Point Ramzanpura

089835 58256
Gavali Mobile Shop  New Shopping Centre,
Opp. Shri Krishna Mandir, Somwar Bazar
084461 18790
Golden Mobile Naya Islampura,
Salam Chacha Road
092261 09981
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